Outsourced Appointment Setting – Go Easy for Go for Broke?

There’s not one single way to outsourced appointment setting. This results in vendors catering to companies in many different ways. Some prefer them to do the whole shebang: contacting, qualifying, nurturing, and then just leave the signing to the sales rep. Others would rather have their sales rep put their own special touch. It’d be a waste of their own negotiating skills otherwise.


So which one are you? Are you cautious about outsourcing most of the responsibility or are you just making sure your providers live up to their promise?


The decision is not just dependent on you but also on the providers you’re screening. Consider it another way to inform and quicken your own buying process. The balance between price and quality are just as varied as in when dealing with consumer goods. Knowing the pros and cons helps you identify your provider’s strength and make the right level of demand.


Going easy


The pros of going easy on your provider mean lower expectations. This is best when it doesn’t sound like your provider is as impressive but not expensive either. It’s strategic value lies mostly when you’re targeting new markets or at least have a new list of prospects you want contacted and qualified.


It also challenges salespeople to improve on establishing connections. Even in B2B business, people don’t just buy based on the facts. They want to feel emotionally invested, something that can only work best after they’ve made a really personal, human connection with your business.


Going for broke


Giving more responsibility to a provider demands both a larger budget and sharper eye for the best in the business. They may not still be as expensive as having your own in-house appointment setters but they’re not cheap either. The cost will (and should) prompt you to get only your money’s worth in appointments with potential clients.


There’s also the ever present possibility of asking a little too much. Whatever your goals are in marketing, do some research and consult others on whether or not it’s really possible. And if it is, have an honest discussion with your provider on how long it would take to achieve or what challenges could be on the way. An experienced company is not a company of Yes Men/Women but of people who are honest with you about the subject of B2B marketing, lead generation, and appointment setting.


So if you’re targeting a new market and don’t have all the facts, it might be best to take it easy on your outsourced appointment setters. They’ll be the ones getting those facts. But if you know enough and have the budget to match, don’t hesitate to outsource those who don’t mind pushing boundaries.

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