Outsourced Appointment Setting Can Be Like Buying Art

Suppose you outsource your appointment setting process. Does that mean all is now well? On the contrary, it can be like buying good pieces of art. Your outsourced appointment setting company may deliver the clients meetings but unless you know where to place them, you are not making the most out of your little investment.


Appointment Setting Companies Can Be As Independent As Outspoken Artists


Appointment Setting, B2B Appointment Setting, Sales LeadsYou know the stereotype of certain artists being so ‘individualistic?’ That the only thing that matters to them is the quality of the piece, not so much as where their client might put it in their home? It the same with some appointment setting companies. They can give you your high quality appointments. How you plan on making the most of out of them is still within your responsibility.


Now why should you keep this in mind? Does this mean that there is more to appointment setting than the appointment itself? Yes, obviously. Should this be the concern of your appointment setter? The answer to that is not as clear. It all depends on how willing you are to cooperate with the things they have to say.


  • Listen twice – When you listen once, it shows you need to care a little bit more about your appointment setting process than just hearing a prospect say ‘yes.’ Many appointment setting companies allow you to access their database for more than just the occasional perusal.


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  • Ask if they can teach more – Some appointment setting companies can offer just a little bit more than just marketing tips so check if they can give you additional support. If not, you can still find other ways like taking down notes on your own observations from their engagement with prospects. Such is the benefit of transparency in outsourcing.


  • Make sure to follow their instructions – Some go as far as to give you instructions just as much as you give them your B2B appointment setting standards. Remember, outsourcing is still a B2B relationship and relationships go both ways. Hear what they have to say about a particular prospect and heed it well.


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Now just because they care only about getting you B2B sales leads does not always mean they do not care if you fail to close (you are their customer after all). But just as artists actually show more care for the way their art is received by clients (more than they let on), the same feeling applies to your outsourced appointment setting company.


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