Outsourced IT Telemarketing – Look For Additional Functions

Outsourcing your telemarketing services can be like looking for many of today’s laptops or smart phones. They all seem to have so many different functions so it makes sense that a telemarketing company that has multiple functions would be good too. More importantly though, it has to have the functions that matter and should make you realize that there is more to finding one than just measuring how many agents are on the phone.


What Other Features To Look For In A Telemarketing Provider


 Telemarketing, IT Telemarketing, Sales LeadsMany of today’s IT companies think that just because telemarketing companies use phones, it means they are not a good fit for their business. On the contrary, it is because they forget that telemarketing is but one of the many often used tools for generating the very IT leads they are looking for. It is because of this misconception that they overlook all the other important traits in a telemarketing company that they would also need for any other kind of lead generation strategy.


  • Qualifier – With so many agents needing to make so many calls, how do you think they end up qualifying them? The truth is the process requires someone else who spends just as much time evaluating their telemarketing calls. Qualifiers are necessary, no matter what your preferred lead generation method is because the time and energy they free off from calls is used for critical double-checking.


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  • Technical staff – Do you really think that telemarketing companies are so outdated that they do not use any kind of data-storing technology whatsoever? They do and they may even give you access to it while they are running your telemarketing campaign. However, databases require technical support so obviously they would have their own people working on tech as others work on their cold calls and call scripts.


  • Trainer – This should be perhaps the most obvious. If your own IT employees had learning curves, IT telemarketing has one to. Therefore, it makes sense that you should outsource a telemarketing company that knows how to train its own people in what it does. Unfortunately, when you are so fixated with the stereotype of everyone manning phones, you overlook everything else that is needed.


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All of these are critical to the unique core of many telemarketing service providers so these are not just staples for any B2B company. Sure, there may be other kinds of lead generators out there who have the same additional resources but do you really think any method works without regards to the above three? You are better off focusing on just the quality of the IT sales leads and not entirely on how you started communicating with prospects.

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