Outsourced Lead Generation – It’s Hardly Political

It seems like for a lot of people, the only time they ever hear about outsourcing is when it’s the topic of a political debate. This, however, is just one of the reasons why so many misconceptions about outsourcing still exist.

Take outsourced lead generation for example. Like many hot-button topics, the truth is found in the middle ground of two unrealistic extremes. One of them is the idea that outsourcing is an executive/manager’s ticket from doing any real work and the other is that the tasks being outsourced can be so simple, they don’t really need any serious in-house investment.


Of the many misconceptions out there, these two summarize them into two categories that are placed neatly on any boardroom table. But instead of taking up the challenge of disproving both, the decision is usually in favor of just one extreme and eventually, comes with extreme consequences:


The problems with the Get-Out-Of-Work-Free ticket


Outsourcing can save up labor. But the real question isn’t what you do once that labor’s been saved up. That’s already answered and no, the answer is nothing like booking a private yacht trip to Honolulu. The answer has and always will be about how outsourcing certain processes can bring about more cost-efficient results in your business.


  • Problem #1: Organizations can have different skillsets – There is a limit to how many things a company can excel at. Obviously, these are in proportion to their size, budgets, and revenue. Hardly anything that suggests ‘less work.’


  • Problem #2: Managing outsourced partners is already work – You also have to remember that maintaining an outsourced process can be a big job in of itself. In the case of just lead generation alone, you need to analyze regular status reports and monitor lead scores for your sales reps.


The problem with cheapening outsourced labor


Cheapening doesn’t always to do with price. Sometimes it can just be about how you minimize the complexity of what you’re outsourcing. Take a look at this Forbes article on tasks that can be easily outsourced. This isn’t to say the article’s wrong about how easy it is to outsource but you’d have misunderstood it completely if you thought it mean the tasks themselves are a cakewalk:


  • Problem #1: It’s not just one ‘menial’ task – B2B marketing is hardly just one menial task done ad nausuem. It’s actually a list of them packed into one, intensive routine. Telemarketing. Email blasts. Content creation. These are all responsibilities of a marketing department but do not underestimate the cost to doing it all yourself.


  • Problem #2: It sets up false standards – You can have really unrealistic expectations for your outsourced provider if you keep carrying on with this idea. Production values can vary significantly between just two vendors. How much more an entire market from which you need to carefully choose?


Don’t let politics oversimplify the facts for you. Outsourcing is more than just an issue you can beat like a dead horse in an election campaign. It is a complicated decision that really requires you to employ a lot of hardline executive thinking.

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