Outsourced Lead Generation Won’t Fix Generational Problems

There are plenty of good reasons to outsource. Trying to escape the clutches of the millennial ‘invasion’ isn’t one of them. Neither will it automatically deal with its impact on changing market demands and readjust your lead generation campaign to a whole generation in the work force.


You'll need more than that sir.

When people say that these Millennials will soon be everywhere, you can bet that they will. Given the stereotypes and horror stories being told about them, it shouldn’t surprise you if you’ve heard of one or two people resorting to outsourcing purely to avoid working with these ‘darn kids.’


That doesn’t mean they’re right and that outsourcing your lead generation campaign is going to solve your millennial worries. Here’s why:


  • This will affect your vendor – Repeat: Millennials will be everywhere. That includes any company you’re screening for the outsourcing contract. Believe it or not but good outsourcing still requires some degree of consistent collaboration with the vendor. Said vendor will still likely have you speaking with at least one Millennial representative.


  • This will affect your target market – Even if you were to find a single lead generator that’s less populated by those kids and ‘more experienced professionals,’ will the same go for the prospects? Remember, these are the same prospects who’ll be talking to you eventually so you’ll still have a lot of Gen Y-related issues shipped your way.


  • Your past target market is shrinking – Finally, the rise of a new generation also means the inevitable retirement of the old. You can’t stop all your current customers from replacing themselves with Millennial successors. The best you can do is prepare for when the keys are finally passed down.


  • Technology will be there to also force your hand – It’s quite a given that Millennials are more tech-savvy than older generations. Any attempt your marketers make at a tech initiative is bound set up a lot of Millennial encounters. (One can even speculate that Millennials could be a driving force of adoption among older generations.)


Luckily for you, working with them isn’t really as hard as it’s made out. Whether you’re outsourcing or assembling fresh recruits, working with Millennials is a responsibility for everyone in the business world and just can’t be outsourced.

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