Outsourced Telemarketing – Selecting Providers Without Being Nosy

Whether it is telemarketing or any other business process, everyone is used to suspicion at some point. In the case of telemarketing providers, it is the suspicion that comes with stereotypical outsourcing and cold calling practices. However, what if you are the one who needs to outsource them? Do you give them the same treatment you get yourself?


Why Being Nosy Is Not Necessary When Outsourcing Telemarketing


While there is a time to come clean with your faults, there is a time when you have a right to preserve your good name. Why deny the latter to telemarketing companies you are outsourcing? More than that, there are ways that you can find out if you are really outsourcing to modern slavery or to a legitimate BPO provider.


  • Telemarketing, Outsourced Telemarketing, Lead GenerationStep 1: Evaluate your own needs – How many business leads do you need that you have to outsource the telemarketing process? What makes this step tricky for some is that there is a difference between a proper need and a downright desperate one. The closer you are to the latter, the more dangerous you are to outsourcing for the wrong reasons and to the wrong telemarketing companies.


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  • Step 2: Know your provider’s location – This does not mean you should be discriminatory against telemarketing companies based in certain countries (Third World ones for example). On the other hand, it can do you good to know a bit about what the economy is like there. It saves you the trouble of what questions to ask or even show how your decision might make a small difference or not.


  • Step 3: How active are they? – The more active your outsourced telemarketing provider is, the more reason you might have to consider them. Couple that activity with good results and distance may not even matter so long as they deliver your business leads the right way.


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The above three steps do not require you to ask too many questions or give a hint of suspicion when selecting your telemarketing provider. Knowing how your own needs impact your decision. Your provider’s location limits the questions you can ask without sounding offensive. Finally, their level of activity will show you how reliable they can be for your B2B lead generation campaign.

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