Outsourced Telemarketing – When It’s Your Only Choice Left

Contrary to what you’re thinking, not all outsourced telemarketing companies like being that one last option. They want to be an option, yes.  That doesn’t mean they like the idea of prospects falling on their knees at the proverbial door.


You’re right to think it denotes desperation, weakness, and a sign that you just can’t take the pressure of managing a campaign by yourself anymore. You’ve run out of options (and budget) with the only thing left is to just leave it all up the first telemarketing company willing to take the job.



But that’s exactly why a telemarketing company would find cause to hesitate:


  • You’re suffering a serious marketing/sales condition– Don’t take this the wrong way, but another analogy is a patient who’s into the final stages of some lethal, terminal disease. Even if the doctor (your outsourced telemarketer) possesses the cure, you think it’s going to be easy for them? How many emergency procedures do they have to execute before they finally save your lost investment?

    Being a company's only hope isn't always what it's cracked up to be.


  • There’s a lot of pressure – As hinted already, you’re putting a lot of pressure on a company when you’ve become this desperate. They know you’ve got some serious issues in your current set-up and your sales are suffering for it. But if they can’t help you, what then? Don’t just outsource to the first one you see. Check if they can actually take that pressure.


  • Short-term relief vs long-term fix  – Are you looking for a temporary solution to save your business long enough until a you get a permanent one in place? How about you’re looking for the latter in your outsourced telemarketer? You’ve got to let them know and it’s not always guarantee that they’ll take the challenge.


  • You’re quite prone – You may think you’re an opportunity but when you’re desperate, you tend to lose distinction between companies that sincerely want to help and those who are just trying to take advantage of your situation. Maintain as much of your requirements and screening process as you can afford.


What’s the lesson in all this? Don’t always wait until you’ve got a real mess before you outsource. Sometimes you’ll only be outsourcing a mess that could have been avoided if you just consulted with a telemarketer a lot sooner.

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