Outsourced Telemarketing Tips – Don’t Test Vendors like House Sitters

Outsourcing your telemarketing services doesn’t necessarily mean you’re giving away the keys of your entire marketing campaign. This is even more true of telemarketing is just one part of your overall strategy.

On the other hand, telemarketing can still be a vital point of that same strategy. The keys still could prove valuable. Can you really trust those keys to just any vendor? What’s a good way of testing them?

Well, one test is by simply not treating them as if they were just hiring a house sitter.


When you think about it, you wouldn’t dare to equate any sort of outsourcing to house sitting. You’re hardly going on vacation, there’s more to their duties than just watching the estate, and you’ll make regular check-ups on their performance.


That’s why setting vendor candidates to a higher set of expectations is a good test of their worth. More than that, you need to be subtle when setting these expectations.


  • Expertise – How do you measure their expertise from the first moment of contact? Simple, look up their own online marketing efforts. Fewer and fewer businesses are ignoring the potential of putting up your business on the internet. Do they maintain a blog? Are they active on social media? For its German blog, Hubspot took great pains to seek out thought leaders and industry experts in the country. Why should you be any less?


  • Local Reputation – Another issue that comes with outsourcing is how the vendor stands as a whole business. It’s not just their reputation for service but also how they treat employees. How they hire, how they train etc. Offshore or onshore, you need to know if you’re giving work to people of good reputation in their local area. According to a study by Berkeley and MIT, the rate of offshoring to low-cost, low-wage countries isn’t as high as popular opinion makes out. Not everybody wants to outsource to a sweatshop.


  • Proven Record – And last but not the least, you have the word of third party sources. The word of other buyers besides yourself can carry weight. Why else would vendors worry about what they’ll say? It’s even more challenging for them when they don’t have as much control over it. Take advantage of this.


To summarize, there’s a lot of homework involved so you could say this test is just as much for you as it is for your candidates. Still, you only want the best from outsourced telemarketing so it’s just not proper to treat it as if you were hiring a house sitter.


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