Sales Leads and Sales Teams – You’re Really Just Getting a Job

There are two ways to interpret the phrase, “Got a job.” One is the usual, “Hooray, I got employed!”


The other is the kind you hear when you’re watching a movie about hired mercenaries or bounty hunters. Expendables. Charlie’s Angels. A-Team. All these action flicks feature really rugged business relationships where ‘jobs’ are in fact complex assignments or missions (oh yeah, and full of shooting stuff).


But you know, the same thing could apply to sales teams and sales leads.


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How Telemarketing Tells Your Own Story

For some marketers, the idea of using stories to improve the results of your lead generation campaign might sound a tad bit irrelevant. After all, there are still some organizations that would rather strike up a conversation that would lead to sales conversion. That’s neither obnoxious nor outdated (especially when they’ve been nurturing leads this way for quite some time). This doesn’t leave them with a lot of time to blog or to do blog-worthy research. Some would rather go out, network with real people and then just follow-up with some telemarketing calls. There’s really no time for telling a story here!


Or is there?


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How Fiction Simulates Your Appointment Setting Process

You know you should never see your appointment setting process as a dull, boring, and unmarketable chain of events. In fact, don’t you think it’s bad enough that you feel the same way about your B2B products?


Because, believe it or not, fiction has already found plenty ways to simulate your day-to-day existence. The only difference is that fiction just embellishes it with a new perspective that you don’t think is applicable to your B2B marketing and sales process.


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Should Lead Generation Campaigns Align With Larger Events?

When you look at Black Friday from a strategic perspective, it sounds like a good date to release products and pepper marketing tactics that lead up to the big sale. Whether it’s toys and clothes or even groceries and gaming consoles, there’ll be plenty of people looking to score a big discount (and big profits for stores).


The same logic could extend to large, B2B events because they’re in anticipation for a coming season. Plenty of businesses could have their own Black Friday because it’s to prepare for workers going on holiday or because they predict sales at a particular average.


However, there is a dark side to Black Friday and applying the logic of letting an event increase the power of your lead generation efforts could also backfire.


Can You Simulate A Lead Generation Strategy?

One of the typical perks to virtual simulation is the ability to test something without the risk of any actual, physical consequence. For example, a shooting simulator helps improve aim without necessarily the risk of death or injury. Flight simulators are used to practice without risking a real plane crash.


But while that’s all well and good for guns and planes, what lead generation campaigns? Can you simulate whether or not a particular piece of copy or a new website look is going to bring more customers? You could certainly save up a lot of effort knowing whether or not some ideas won’t work. And from the looks of it, the future could already be here.


On the other hand, is the simulation really risk-free?


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