Outsourced Lead Generation Won’t Fix Generational Problems

There are plenty of good reasons to outsource. Trying to escape the clutches of the millennial ‘invasion’ isn’t one of them. Neither will it automatically deal with its impact on changing market demands and readjust your lead generation campaign to a whole generation in the work force.


You'll need more than that sir.

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Sales Leads Are Obstructed by Political Paranoia

It’s said that empowering your prospect can win you rapport and generate more sales leads. But what’s the opposite of that? Can anything depower your customer’s buying decision and render your marketing attempts useless?


Paranoia and fear would certainly fit the bill. And in the work place, politics tend to be a major producer of both.


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Can Telemarketing Technology Truly Transform?

When people think telemarketing technology, half the time it’s usually the unnerving combination of robo-calling with a human operator. What’s the other half though? Can it be what is truly needed to transform the telemarketing practice?


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Outsourced Lead Generation – It’s Hardly Political

It seems like for a lot of people, the only time they ever hear about outsourcing is when it’s the topic of a political debate. This, however, is just one of the reasons why so many misconceptions about outsourcing still exist.

Take outsourced lead generation for example. Like many hot-button topics, the truth is found in the middle ground of two unrealistic extremes. One of them is the idea that outsourcing is an executive/manager’s ticket from doing any real work and the other is that the tasks being outsourced can be so simple, they don’t really need any serious in-house investment.


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Use Appointment Setting to Exorcise Angry Ghost Clients

Guess what? Just because there may be no such thing as ghosts doesn’t mean ghost clients don’t exist. They’re real. And if you don’t use your appointment setting strategies to deal with them, they’re going to haunt you till your business hits the grave.


Like vengeful spirits, some clients can just be really terrifying to deal with. Some of them shoot nothing but complaints. Other times you get those that are just plain helpless when you’re not making frequent calls to make sure things are working out.


But in the end, exorcising them through your appointment setting strategy is important. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need holy water or a real exorcist to pull it off.


Yes. These are all ghosts.

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