For Lead Generation, You Need A Specialist. Period!

Before anything else, be assured that there really is nothing wrong with wanting to do everything by yourself. There’s a certain sense of chivalry attached to it that can be quite inspiring.


However, there’s also nothing wrong with counting on others to help you. And in lead generation campaigns, you’re going to need a lot of people to help you regardless of your marketing style.


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How Appointment Setters Keep It Simple But Not Stupid

Simplicity is a common rule in today’s business communication. Whether you’re sending a marketing email or making a telemarketing call, keeping it short and sweet is a bona fide rule of thumb.


On the other hand, sometimes appointment setters make the mistake of assuming simplicity comes off as rather stupid. This can’t always be helped. Plenty of experts in certain B2B marketing industries often bemoan the drastic simplification of their work and their field.


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How Offline Telemarketing Paints Makes a Realistic Combination With Online Lead Generation

You know what else is wrong with seeing telemarketing as obsolete? The extra baggage of assuming it’s also an unrealistic practice.


The truth though is this assumption is what’s unrealistic. People still uses phones. People still make calls in and out of office. In fact, people find it easier sometimes compared to writing an email or waiting for one as a reply.


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Sustainable Lead Generation – The One Obstacle to Quality Over Quantity

It’s easy to believe that quality is better than quantity when it comes to lead generation. Usually, it’s because the quantity, despite great numbers, ultimately create less value compared to a single, quality lead. It’s also based on the assumption that you can’t have both or at least presumes you have to choose one over the other most of the time.


And while lead quality will inevitably win out, it does have one particular obstacle before proving the concept: Sustainability.


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Event Telemarketing Tips – The Work-Life Balance in Conferences

The bigger you are, the bigger your tradeshows could be. Whether these are events you organize yourself or you’re a high-profile regular of major industry conferences, it can harder to simplify your participation.


This can make a tall order out of your telemarketing campaign if it’s still been your primary means of business communication all these years. That’s not to say telemarketing is dead (when integrated in a larger multi-channel strategy, it hardly is). It’s just that the events themselves could be far more complicated to discuss in a single phone call/conversation.


One obvious indicator is the fact that the event itself has its own work-life balance.


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