When Outsourcing Lead Generation, Avoid Judging by Business Models

Criticizing business models has been real popular lately. Whether you’re Tim Cook declaring war on ad-based services or just some regular consumer activist fighting for his/her privacy, you get a lot of people’s attention when a business model incites someone’s judgment call.


But in terms of practicality, is this really so helpful? Do you really need one more obstacle to outsourcing your lead generation campaigns?


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Sales Leads, BendGate, and Desperate Competition

During the War of Currents, Thomas Edison spent more than a pretty penny churning out propaganda against advocates of alternating currents. It didn’t matter if he had to publicly electrocute live animals or develop the electric chair.

You’d think in this day and age that sort of desperation would’ve been just a little bit unethical.

Unfortunately, it looks like even industry leaders haven’t shown much has changed. And worse still, this kind of desperate competition will always come at the expense of your sales leads.


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Lead Generation Tips – Understand the Value of ALL Customers

Possibly one of the only problems with the 80/20 rule is that it still risks cutting off minority customers in favor of a majority. Honestly, if you think going into B2B business is going to free you from the politics of discrimination, profiling, and partisanship, you’ll find yourself sorely disappointed.


There are ways that your lead generation campaign can accidentally turn off a particular percentage of your target market with dangerous consequences. History is full of cases where a minority grows bolder to challenge the status quo.


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Can Inbound Appointment Setters Make the Privacy Problem Go Away?

More than a year ago, Snowden stirred up a storm by exposing P.R.I.S.M. A couple weeks ago, the Fappening happened. And now, Tim Cook just launched a catapult towards companies that offer personal information on users in order to sustain their business model.


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Appointment Setting Tips – Exceptions to Your Schedule

One of the perks of following good appointment setting practices is not just just getting you to meet with the right clients. It keeps you from meeting the bad ones that might just waste your time.


However, is it good to make some exceptions? Maybe a prospect has a sudden emergency. Their car breaks down on the way to the meeting place. A black out renders them incapable of having an online conference. These things can happen anytime so it’s good to have a few rules of thumb when making exceptions.


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