Sales Lead Generation Tips – Let them Save So They Can Spend

In September, families often scramble money for both school supplies and the office necessities that ultimately keep that money flowing in. But as far as the latter is concerned, the things people need at work go beyond pens and post-it notes.


That’s why they’re prime targets for sales lead generation campaigns. How much do you know about what they save in order for them to spend?


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Generating Sales Leads VS Closing Sales

Just how much should you demand from a lead generator?


This is often a question for those outsourcing them. It’s also a pitfall for those who think that outsourcing is a lot easier than generating sales leads yourself.


But reasonable as that sounds (that’s right, it is), there is also a limit to how much you can ask. Even if you were to assemble your own B2B marketers, you can focus too much on generating sales leads instead of closing them.


You don't need this much to close a lead.

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Lead Generation Tips – Perception VS Technical Facts

You’ve all heard it before. The B2B buying process isn’t always as emotionally distant as its made out. And yet, that too is an ironic demonstration of perception being more prevalent than technical fact.


Often times, lead generation campaigns are geared towards combating this. For instance, call scripts are designed to handle objections that dispute misconceptions about your industry. Shouldn’t it be about time to adopt the opposite approach?


Why not value people’s perception instead of always betting on technical facts?


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Are You Counting Your Sales Leads or Your Bills?

For some folks, September’s the end of summer and back to the old routine. But for others, they could be feeling a lot of pinches in their wallet even though your marketing spend currently looks stable.


Why does it feel like you’re already counting your bills before you’re getting sales leads?


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Should Telemarketers Say You’re Out On Vacation?

Inbound telemarketing strategies are good if you don’t favor a direct approach that leaves you prone to frequent rejections. It lets you shift the focus away from building lists and re-targeting your campaign to creating better content tracking prospects more accurately along their buyer’s journey.

Simply put, it’s letting the customer come to you.

But what if they do but find out you or your sales rep aren’t available? For example, what if you’re still on vacation or still en-route to going back? Would it really be a bright idea to let them know exactly where you’re on holiday?


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