Lead Generation Tips – Make Sense on All Accounts

Everyone (including B2B marketers) has been trying to tie in their content strategies around the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But while there’s no shortage of those ideas, one other aspect of the World Cup should tell you that your lead generation strategy needs to make sense on all accounts.


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B2B Appointment Setting – Making the Boss out of Your Prospects

Many B2B marketers still underestimate the weight they’ll be getting whenever they give everything they’ve got just to succeed in appointment setting. They say your customers are the real boss of your business but how many of those on marketing front actually take this statement to heart?


After all, your business has got to give them something or else why would they spend their money on you? You can’t exactly tell them that they’re not the boss of you because, in a strong sense, they are! They’re your potential customers! They’re your ticket to higher revenue!


Since they mean so much to you, why should they hold back on the demands?


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Telemarketing to Increase Your Connection to Community

The boom of the internet has not only increased the human capacity to communicate and express. It has also created its own, unique space that is purely created from that expression. Forums. Social networks. Online communities. It’s not surprising why telemarketing doesn’t seem to have achieved much in comparison.


Regardless, it’s also all the more reason why you can’t just throw your telemarketing stuff away. In age when communication itself creates spaces and communities, you’ll need all the tools to keep increasing your capacity to connect.


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Going One-on-One with B2B Appointment Setting Services

Remember those interviews where they do a one-on-one with a prominent movie director and it becomes a sort of resource for fans for possible speculations?


Things like that are actually big reasons why you can’t just rely on mass marketing tactics to have a conversation with an entire target market. It’s one of the most clear-cut differences between B2B appointment setting services and B2C advertising firms. Both work in the marketing industry but the flaws of the latter are often the reason why the former is so bent on taking its time talking one-on-one.


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How Telemarketing Transcends Its Own Conventions

Anyone who’s watched Maleficent will see just how drastic the liberties were taken with the classic Disney Villain. That thought didn’t stop Angelina Jolie from perfectly reenacting one of Sleeping Beauty’s classic scenes.


More to the point though (and at the risk of the spoiler), one of the key points in the film was the actual cynicism expressed by this incarnation of the dark fairy. Instead of the killing curse of the original, this Maleficent brought about the sleep herself (along with the kiss that could break it). Why? It’s because she never truly believed such a kiss existed.


Telemarketing companies tend to face the same condition when faced with cynical prospects. Critics set out conditions that don’t seem possible for those who adhere to typical cold calling conventions. But like the Maleficent remake, today’s telemarketing transcends its own conventions.


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