Do Not Call – One Law, So Many Rules?

Whether you work in the telemarketing industry or just use it for your own business, DNC lists can feel like Kryptonite. That’s not surprising given how first-timers don’t even take off any more because they don’t want to violate that one, single law.


So just what is it about this one law that trips them up? Is it because they presume it comes with so many rules?


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Cold Calls vs. Emails: A 5-Step Litmus Test to Decide Where to Start (Part 2 of 2)

If you gave much thought to last post’s questions, then congratulations! You are officially halfway to picking either email or phone calls as the best way to start in your campaigns.


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Cold Calls vs. Emails: A 5-Step Litmus Test to Decide Where to Start (Part 1 of 2)

Call before email or email before call? The jury’s still pretty much out on this one — and probably will be for a long time. That’s because this is one of those problems without a one-size-fits-all solution. So, if you’re still unsure which channel should you start with when reaching out to cold leads, your safest bet is to use your best judgment.


Of course, ‘best judgment’ isn’t the same as ‘wild guess’. To avoid as much guesswork as possible, follow this five-step decision guide. It won’t guarantee you’ll arrive at the right choice, but at least you’ll be able to come up with a strategy you can easily justify and refine. This post, by the way, is a two-part entry, and we’ll be taking a look at steps 1, 2 and part of step 3 in this portion.


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Telemarketing Tips – Play With Politics, Prepare To Get Burned

Contrary to the title, this doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely forbidden to put politics in your telemarketing strategy. There’s still room for exceptions and not to mention you always have to think about the context.


What this really means is that just like how fire dancers ‘play’ with fire, you have to be prepared to handle the heat. There are advantages to marketing yourself with the label of a political approval. But unless you’re careful, that label could quickly turn into a target sign on the head of your business.


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Telemarketing In An Age of Advocated Privacy

This has been covered several times in this blog and several others. However, it’s always good to remind ourselves that marketing has really been grappling with the issue of customer privacy. Telemarketing, in particular, gets a sizeable load of flak from both consumers and business owners alike.


In the following, you will find a brief overview of some of the most common complaints faced by B2B telemarketers that have ties to alleged violations of privacy.

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