Does Telemarketing Do All The Sales Work?

It’s a common misconception: telemarketing (or any form of lead generation for that matter) does all the work and the salespeople are relegated to the role of a big business cashier.


However, it’s because it’s common that many telemarketing experts tell people why it’s inaccurate. You need to balance between qualifying leads and getting a sale out of them. When you don’t, there’s a tendency for people working on one process to eat up the time of people working on the other.


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How Direct Marketing Creates Direct Results

It’s hard to ignore the trend of marketing less directly through the use of referrals, websites, and other forms that don’t rely heavily on a one-on-one conversation with people in your target market. This trend is also being felt even within the longer sales process of B2B industries. Business owners would rather google a provider for any process or product they need rather than learn about from someone who suddenly calls out of nowhere with an offer.


Granted, there are advantages such as giving more power to the prospect and setting your focus squarely on their experience, not acting on any presumptions.


But when you are just waiting around for your target market to do all the talking, there also lies one, significant disadvantage: your results are indirect and thus, harder to measure.


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Promoting the Funky over the Phone

(Image by Jesterhood)

Just because B2B firms are about big business doesn’t mean there’s no room for funky ideas. Look at what this Japanese PR firm is offering for advertising.


But having a funky idea (or even because of it) can be a hard thing to pitch over the phone. How do you expect business owners to take you seriously? Will the gatekeepers even let you in?


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Which Marketing Channel Is the Best? All of them at once!

Today, the biggest mistake that marketers can make is sticking too closely to a single channel as their means of communicating with prospects. Surprisingly, this applies to any method that’s been used in the history of marketing: from classical telemarketing to email and social media.


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4 Signs When Getting Past Gatekeepers Isn’t Worth It

It’s time to rewrite the meaning of ‘gatekeeper’. Gatekeepers are no longer just the typical trusty office assistants telemarketers have been grappling with since the 60s. Folks much higher on the corporate ladder have now become gatekeepers in their own right — even decision makers themselves. That can only mean one thing: you need a new bag of tricks.

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