Do Sales Leads Really Need Bait?

It does seem unethical to generate sales leads by leaving out some sort of bait for prospects to bite. But believe it or not, is that not how plenty of marketing strategies operate? Like them, you use something attractive that catch prospects interest and then you move in to qualify them as sales leads. It is kind of like how advertisers use appealing contests and promos to get more information on their customers.


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Business Sales Leads That Do Not Look Like Business

There are times when you need so many business sales leads for you energy company, it will not matter to you what kind of businesses you end up providing power to (so long as they are legit of course). Still, such a sudden expansion into other markets and other industries can result in you finding your business sales leads among places and prospects that, well, do not look like business.


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Want Software Sales Leads? Avoid Being A Yes/No Man

When some software vendors are so eager to please, so eager to qualify business sales leads, the reduce themselves to being yes men (or women). On the other extreme, you have vendors who are so critical and so stubborn, they do not cut their lead generators any slack and as a result, they waste what could have been a substantial flow of sales leads.


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Is Online Killing Offline Lead Generation?

lead generation, business to business leads, outbound telemarketing, IT sales leads, software sales leadsIt seems like nary a day goes by that a business man doesn’t wonder about how many new connections they’ve made on LinkedIn, or how many new “friends” do they have on Facebook. Maybe you’re thinking about how many Circles you should join on Google+ today, or how many new people you want to follow on Twitter. Lead generation has really taken off and gone online.

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Appointment Setting – Is Image Really Everything?

When it comes to marketing and appointment setting, people have come to develop a black-and-white view regarding business image. On one side, you have people who think image is everything and do everything to preserve it to make sure future appointment setting campaigns are a success. On the other end, there are those who do not care for image and see it as a shallow excuse to forsake real business values.


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