Telemarketing Tips – See Unoriginality Going Both Ways

Whether it is telemarketing or advertising, you have probably been charged with lack of originality at some point. And most likely, this charge comes from the fact that you just stick to memorizing scripts. What is interesting is that this lack of originality actually goes both ways. You think telemarketing is the only thing that fails to go beyond scripted?


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Lead Generation – Is It Just A Front For Your Business?

The lead generation process can be twisted into something that acts as a mere cover front for bad businesses. Make the same mistakes they made however and you might just be confused with one of them! Obviously you want your cash advance sales lead generation strategy to bring customers to your desk, not the local police!


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Business Sales Leads – Is Your Energy The Blue Core Or Red Core?

In the energy industry, generating sales leads can be just as hard as generating an entirely new source of power. However, when you are a company that is trying to revolutionize the industry and make for a cleaner world, getting sales leads should be a start (if not simply for the sake of getting more attention). The bigger question though is are you ready for the responses that attention brings with it?


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Fuel Your Inside Sales Campaign With Targeted Sales Leads

targeted sales leads, lead generation, inside sales, qualified business leads, telemarketingIf you have your own inside sales team, you are going to need to make sure that your team always has a list of people to call. Inside sales involves heavy use of the phone either for cold calling or B2B telemarketing purposes, as such it is important that your team always have qualified business leads. However, if you are looking for better results, you should have targeted sales leads instead.

In doing B2B marketing, attraction can be a wondrous thing. Prospects that are attracted to your company are more likely to buy from you, thus they are the best leads you could ask for. The problem is that it is difficult to attract your target customers to your company, especially when you market to a similar industry as your competitors. Continue reading

Offshore Telemarketing – Know How You Need It (Not Just Why)

There is no shortage of controversy surrounding offshoring. But when it comes to things like offshore telemarketing or online advertising, critics and skeptics make the mistake of painting with a broad brush. Ask yourself this simple question: Are the mistakes made by a particular outsourced process applicable to telemarketing or web banners?

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