Why Targeted Sales Leads Can Sometimes Be Better than Public Attention

In this day and age, most marketers still think that the best way to maximize the number of potential clients is being as popular as you can.


And to an extent, there are a lot of facts supporting this idea. Companies like Salesforce and Goldman Sachs are well known faces in the business world. They’re big brands, wield a tremendous amount of influence, and get tons of press coverage (both good and bad).


Although, that doesn’t mean you’re set up to lose when you’d rather generate a substantial amount of sales leads without necessarily being a public face.


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Plan Your Appointment Setting Strategies Around Schedule Management

Like a lot of things in the B2B sales process, tying appointment setting strategies with schedule management seems like stating the obvious. Under the surface though, a lot of questions remain unanswered. Aren’t there different management styles?  What about time zone differences? Is punctuation a bigger deal in one region or in one industry compared to another?


Answering these questions might be too much to cover in a single blog post but here are some of the basic techniques to synchronizing your appointment setting strategy with the schedule management habits of any target market.

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How Appointment Setters Can Speak Local

When it comes to targeting local businesses, culture and language shouldn’t even be the first problem on your list. Skilled appointment setters know how to get pass that easily and tackle the real heart of any business matter. Only then can you really be speaking local.


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Sales Appointment Tips – Distinguish Feedback from Exploitation

Most of the time, businesses are always called to serve customers. Happy customers mean more sales. It’s also important to actually improve a customer’s experience even before the buying decision, especially in B2B industries. That’s why getting feedback is important. It helps construct the experience.


On the other hand, there can be a dark side to this. Rare as this could be, there are moments when a sales appointment only occurs after your business has been nothing short of exploited.


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When All Lead Generators Want the Gold

Leprechauns may only seem lucky but they arguably could have the short end of the stick when it comes to gold. Everyone seems to know where to find it!


It’s very much in the same way all the B2B lead generators in the world know where to find their gold: contact information. Prospects everywhere seem bombarded because, one way or another, some confounded marketer got a hold of their number or email address. The result is that they’re inundated and the toughest ones make for an even harder sell.


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