Has the Internet Made Telemarketing for B2B Leads Obsolete?

b2b leadsA few decades ago, nobody paid attention to the Internet. People will just cast it aside like it was just another fad waiting to be dissolved. However, these people thought wrong; the World Wide Web has grown exponentially. So large, in fact, that it can be equated to that of another universe in itself.



With this boom in using on-line means for practically almost everything, some procedures has been made obsolete. Therefore the question for today is, has the Internet made b2b leads generation telemarketing antiquated?


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Lead Generation Appointment Setting Tips You May Have Missed

With all the recent updates in b2b lead generation and appointment setting, there are times when you may have missed out on a few things. Furthermore, managing and taking part of your many processes with regards to your business do not give you the advantage of checking on the many things encompassing these business-to-business marketing strategies.


For the benefit of our readers, we have compiled a list of tips, techniques, guides, and hints that we have posted over time.

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How to Gain Massive B2B Sales Leads During Black Friday

b2b sales leadsBlack Friday is the name of the day given to the day right after Thanksgiving in the United States of America. It marks the end of the Thanksgiving season and marks the start of the Christmas period. During this time, major retailers usually open their doors at around 4 am just to extend their shopping hours, and thus have the major potential of increasing sales. You can also use this day to your advantage to get a large amount of b2b sales leads.


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Readying Your B2B Appointment Setting for Thanksgiving

b2b appointment settingThanksgiving in the United States is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November. This year (2012) it falls on November 22nd and many businesses are starting to prepare for this holiday. What started 149 years ago has been an annual tradition for many residents in the USA and has continued on to this day. As such, the following article will teach us how to prepare your b2b lead generation and appointment setting campaign for this particular celebratory day.


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B2B Leads Acquisition from an Angry Bird [part 2]

b2b leadsThis is the second part of the two part series wherein you can learn about b2b leads acquisition through the popular game from Rovio Entertainment entitled Angry Birds. To read part 1, click here.

There were only three types of birds showcased in part 1 that we compared to b2b leads generation. Today, we continue with studying about the rest of the birds for better business-to-business marketing practices.

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