How to Learn B2B Appointment Setting from an RPG

b2b appointment settingThere are many different types of games and gamers out there, especially in the 21st century. From the lot of these gaming enthusiasts, we can see that a large fraction of them play RPGs or role-playing games. These games allow the user or the player to take on the role of the character and live out their story. The good thing about this is that business people can learn a lot for their appointment setting schemes from looking at, or even playing these games.



How can you learn anything about business from playing a game?”



Do not go all thick minded here; you have to see the forest for the trees. In other words, you have to look deep inside the game in order to learn what it takes for you to acquire those good results for your appointment setting campaign you so dream about.


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What FPS Games Can Teach You About Lead Generation

lead generationFPS (or First Person Shooters) is a classification of games that is widely known by just about every type of gamer in the world. Examples of well-known titles of this gaming genre are Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and the ever popular Halo (of which has already reached its fourth installment in its franchise). What many did not know is that businesspeople can learn a thing or two about their business lead generation from looking at, or playing these games.


Many will shrug their heads in doubt as they believe that playing video games does not, in any way, coincide with b2b lead generation. Au contraire, it is just like reading a satire or a well written poem; you have to read between the lines. In this case, you need to look more into FPS games other than all the guns, the shooting, and the killing.


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Three Lead Generation Appointment Setting Tips from Dogs

lead generation appointment settingWhen you come home from a busy day at work, who is the first one to greet you? Your significant other? Your kids? Or even your dog? You may not know it but your dog can teach you a thing or two about proper lead generation appointment setting techniques!



How is this possible?”



This is absurd.”



My dog can’t even go outside without my help. How can he possibly teach me about business-to-business marketing?”


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Time to Heal Your Lead Generation Appointment Setting

lead generation appointment settingWhen you are injured, you apply medicine to the wound to help it heal. However, not all injuries are visible especially when we are talking about the agonies that are experienced by your business. There are times that such afflictions are inflicted upon your b2b lead generation and appointment setting campaign.

There are a lot of wounds that can be healed, but always remember that the best medicine is prevention. Before these anomalies can happen, it should be in your best interest to avoid them at all costs.

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Top B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

b2b lead generationHave you ever walked into your office and notice something lacking? Maybe there is the absence of your favorite smell from your air freshener, or a lack of papers stacked on your desk, or worse, a sever deficiency of qualified b2b leads.

Getting low scores for your b2b lead generation campaign is an invitation to a severe headache. Businesses need solutions to their problems, not probable excuses. However, to find out the right answers to your business-to-business marketing needs, you need to know what it was that caused this discrepancy.

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