Pay per Lead or Pay per Call for Credit Card Processing Leads

pay per call, pay per lead, pay per appointmentChoosing to outsource to telemarketing services for lead generation and appointment setting has become more of a challenging feat than it has ever been. You can not just get a hold of a random cold calling service provider in hopes of giving you good leads and appointments. If you are planning to get quality credit card processing leads then the first thing to do is to assure your business of the right option with regards to telemarketing aid.

As of late, there exists two known types of outsourced call center services: pay per lead and pay per call telemarketing. The former offers ‘guaranteed’ services and telemarketers are paid on a commission based scheme. The latter of the choices provides a more cost efficient method of generating credit card processing leads but companies are given a non-guaranteed form of b2b marketing.

Notable cold calling services provides expertise in the manner of letting credit card processing companies gain more opportunities for financial success and growth. Telemarketers are known to have garnered much experience regarding various subjects in most industries. As such, they take into mind what there is to know and understand about talking to decision makers located in various business sectors.

However, this notion does not make choosing between pay per lead and pay per call a lot easier. Let us segregate the two into more specific views to find out which option is fit for your credit card processing lead generation and appointment setting campaign.

Pay per Leads

As stated earlier, this telemarketing scheme promises to generate the leads that companies need. Such cold callers are paid per lead generated. No leads means no pay for them.

The risk for credit card processing companies may be low as they just have to wait for the information of their soon-to-be clients to be passed into their pipeline. This form of illusion may not coincide with what is real. It is known that businesspeople do not give out ‘guaranteed’ products or services as there will always be unforeseen factors that are at play. As such, even if the prospect is interested in the purchase, the point is they might back out at the very last minute.

In short, the company may have already paid for a low-quality lead. If telemarketers are unable to deliver the required information then it will result in a lot of chargebacks and refunds which is in no way beneficial for the contact firm.

Pay per Call Telemarketing

Pay per call telemarketing for credit card processing leads seems a better option for many. This is a non-guaranteed approach to getting prospects interested in your products or services. Credit card prcoessing companies purchase such telemarketing aid at a pricing scheme that is focused on the amount of business contacts to reach along with the number of calls to be made.

Even if this service is non-guaranteed, a reliable contact agency will have the will and the drive to get companies their credit card processing leads and sales appointments. Hence, even if the number of contacts may seem limited, telemarketers will still strive to deliver what it is required to them.

Still undecided on what service you should get for your credit card processing lead generation campaign? Try to do a bit of research or ask a call center’s recent pool of past clientèle for their opinion on which of these two telemarketing services worked for them.

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