Plan Your Appointment Setting Strategies Around Schedule Management

Like a lot of things in the B2B sales process, tying appointment setting strategies with schedule management seems like stating the obvious. Under the surface though, a lot of questions remain unanswered. Aren’t there different management styles?  What about time zone differences? Is punctuation a bigger deal in one region or in one industry compared to another?


Answering these questions might be too much to cover in a single blog post but here are some of the basic techniques to synchronizing your appointment setting strategy with the schedule management habits of any target market.

  • Start with general pros – Look to general advice (like this new guide recently published by Entrepreneur). Different professionals might read it and might not even follow all the advice. However, you should at least know what your target decision makers start with when thinking about their schedule.


  • Study your current customers – Another place you can start with can be with your own customers. Surely you’ve gotten used to at least half of their time management habits? This information can act as a guide to future appointment setting campaigns for new products. Alternatively, it can serve as a contrast when going into new market territory.


  • Avoid being avoided – Without a doubt, some prospects can just be downright sneaky. They don’t have much of a time management ethos to begin with. Rather than just give them the proverbial rod though, simply ask yourself if your business is worth the trouble of dealing with more capricious (or less enthusiastic) prospects.


  • Outsource if you want to try another way – If you can’t afford to change your strategy you should at least afford somebody who can try things differently from you. For example, if your own telemarketers can’t get in touch with an overseas prospect, try to outsource companies who can. Use their services as additional tools to expand the reach of your own sales teams.


  • Look to your own sales scheduling habits – Another source of insight can be found right inside your own company. There’s little doubt that other organizations have been marketing to you as well. How have you been setting appointments with them? Do you treat other lead generators the way you want yours to be treated? It’s preachy but there’s still a point.


There’s no single-formula for appointment setters when it comes to the time management habits of B2B prospects. There’s only the willingness to pay close attention and the flexibility to adjust things according to what you’ve learned.

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