Quality Over Quantity in B2B Lead Generation Telemarketing

b2b lead generationIf you think B2B lead generation is a numbers game, you might as well stop your campaigns or reboot your marketing strategies. On second thought, perhaps you should keep on trucking.



It should be noted that success in b2b sales lead generation is not guaranteed by the number of leads you have, but on the quality of each lead. A sales pipeline with more than half of prospects who are not yet sales-ready is as good as having more jackets than comfortable shirts in a sultry summer season. However, when you are confident that a population of potential clients, though small, will most likely lead to closed sales, you will show less worry or none at all about the profitability of your business.



Truly, it is tough to resist the temptation of getting as many leads  as you can muster. This is because we are stereotyped into thinking that a huge number of leads gathered from b2b lead generation procedures will matter more than a small one, the quality of which notwithstanding. We are, when still kids, conditioned that the small are no match for the gigantic, the hideous face with a good heart will not make a stand with a flawless beauty but wicked soul, and that a thousand soldiers automatically wins over a troupe of hundreds. But, is there a need to exhaust all resources to gather a flock of leads if only several of them will be qualified for appointments? Or don’t you feel relieved that a few sales leads generated from b2b lead generation with less trouble and costs will bring exponential economic benefits? Both are good options but the certainty and guarantee of the latter still weighs heavier.



Prioritizing high-quality over quantity is the principle that’s inscribed in pay per call telemarketing for b2b lead generation. For a small cost that you have to pay for each call, a hefty return on your investment can be expected.




Lead providers put more effort and attention in this undertaking. Valuing the money you pay and the trust you put in them, they carry out more refined cold-calling and lead qualification processes. This is done to ensure that you will buy leads that are only exclusive, fresh, qualified, and targeted. They do not schedule appointments other than those leads that manifest clear intention of buying. If a lead is deemed disqualified (which rarely happens) the b2b lead generation telemarketing service provider obliges itself to replace it with another one, free of charge. So, if you want leads that will increase your profitability, then go with pay per call telemarketing.

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