Sales Leads Should Not Result In Cultural Collisions

Accounting firms can find it tough to acquire sales leads when culture comes into play. Your company not only seems to speak a different language. Your values can also differ from your prospect businesses. But perhaps what can be worse is when you have actually acquired a lot of sales leads and the clash happens between them and a new target market.


How Will You Know If Sales Leads Collide?


Sales Leads, Accounting Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThink of it like this, suppose your accounting firm is like an educational TV show. For a long time, your sales leads are like the faithful followers who like to follow on the latest updates in the accounting industry. What are the implications of rising or reduced taxes? How are today’s businesses keeping tabs on their money? These are all subjects of interest as well as ways to indicate possible sales leads.


Now imagine that before your slot though, there is another show and before your accounting leads, there is another target audience watching it. The show can represent any industry outside your own and they are targeting this audience for their own sales leads. Then again, it could be that neither the show nor the audience care about business at all.


Suppose that, before the end of their show, you decide to announce in a small commercial that you are up next. Your previous sales leads are happy and excited. On the other hand, the currently viewing audience only rolls their eyes and more or less tell you to get on with it. See the atmosphere brewing here? It makes you want to think twice about reaching out to an unfamiliar market (even for the sake of trying something different).


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Still, what if you want to play a sort of peace ambassador between these two different cultures? Your accounting firm needs all the sales leads it can get, even if they think cash counting is the only sort of accounting they will need. You do not like all this tension and divide between your target market and a different group. How can you unite the two into one whole audience of accounting sales leads?


  • 1. Learn more about the new first – Your old sales leads are familiar territory so it is only logical that you should be exploring more when it comes to learning about your new target market. For example, what are they about? Who do they cater to? What is it about their work that makes things like financial information seemingly trivial?


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  • 2. See what you can take back – Learning and teaching should not form into only a one-way street. What can you learn from these new sales leads that is specific to their business culture? How can you apply this for future campaigns? Finally, what values can you take that can expand the ones you already have and can be used to align with more sales leads?


  • 3. Bring them together slowly – Do not forget that there can still be significant differences between what concerns them. That is why you need to use what they have in common in terms of accounting to bring them together slowly. There is still room for diversity in your sales leads but gradually focus on that commonality when you are bringing them together.


Your B2B lead generation campaign should not be divisive but it should watch out if it starts to collide with lines already drawn. Avoiding those collisions is the first thing you need to know if you want to bridge those gaps and generate more accounting services leads.

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