Should Lead Generation Campaigns Align With Larger Events?

When you look at Black Friday from a strategic perspective, it sounds like a good date to release products and pepper marketing tactics that lead up to the big sale. Whether it’s toys and clothes or even groceries and gaming consoles, there’ll be plenty of people looking to score a big discount (and big profits for stores).


The same logic could extend to large, B2B events because they’re in anticipation for a coming season. Plenty of businesses could have their own Black Friday because it’s to prepare for workers going on holiday or because they predict sales at a particular average.


However, there is a dark side to Black Friday and applying the logic of letting an event increase the power of your lead generation efforts could also backfire.


  • Large events could only mean the toughest customers – Just as Black Friday is characterized by less scrupulous shoppers, big events could mean hardier business prospects. These are the people who see through your marketing and sales strategy. In fact, they may even be better at it! And while tough customers could indicate loyal customers, your marketers have a to contend with their buyer chops.


  • Less discerning isn’t always bad – Some people don’t want to go through the trouble of buying, even if they are supposed to buy in the best interest of their organization. Though more importantly, this isn’t a bad thing on their part. Sometimes it’s better to either buy earlier without the promise of fancy discounts or even anticipate good opportunities after a major event. The Black Friday madness sure can attest to that with its Cyber Monday counterpart.


  • It can eat up your own marketing resources – Going for a big event could also come at a big price tag for your marketing department. Unless you’re prepared to outsource big-time, have enough of reputation to stand on as it is, and maybe cut a few corners, you’re better off participating in something that’s less pronounced.


Think of it like fishing in a spot full of prized piranhas. You might get yourself a lot of bites but is it really worth the cost of bait, your fishing rod, and even your life?

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