Stand Where Interested Prospects Can See You

Appointment setting campaigns (especially inbound ones) tend to start by just standing around for a bit before engaging prospects. But suppose that your appointment setting campaign was actual people on the street with signs promoting your business. Which part of the street do they stand? Obviously, wherever they can be seen! Unfortunately, this concept is lost in most appointment setting strategies when it comes to where customers really look.
Your Appointment Setting Campaign Must Be In All Streets (Virtual Ones Included)

Take mobile for example. Now if your business was something like, say, an energy procurement firm you would wonder why it would matter. You presume that the streets for your sales prospecting campaign are those set close to those mulling over their energy bills, not browsing their phones or iPad.

As that traffic increases, do you think mobile devices in houses will be the only things contributing to it? What if your appointment setting campaign could be missing out on those looking for businesses like yours using a smartphone device at work? What is most interesting is that you do not necessarily have to ditch your old appointment setting tools to solve this problem:

You need eyes to see first – Just because you use a phone to follow-up on online contact forms does not mean those forms should exclusively come from prospects whose eyes are on their desktops. Using email for energy procurement appointment setting hardly makes a difference either. They can check it through smart devices as well. Again, the process cannot begin until they see you first.

Further engagement can run across devices – Sometimes they would respond to a message using their phone. But the next moment, they want to qualify for energy procurement appointment setting through a regular phone call. This would be difficult if you were looking to drop one appointment setting tool as a knee-jerk reaction to prospect habits.

Referred customers may not see you as well – Supplementing your appointment setting strategy with a little referral marketing is not a bad idea. But even if your current clients managed to see you, they might have trouble getting their affiliates to spot you as well. Standing in the right places allows your prospects more freedom to take action in this regard.

You can generate as much interest as you want, but unless highly interested prospects can actually see you, you make it hard to generate energy procurement leads. So the next time your appointment setting campaign stands around with signs, make sure customers can see you!

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