Successful Telemarketing Through Proper Alignment

Telemarketing is usually used by companies in order to generate new business leads, or to promote their products and services to their potential customers. Either way, it can affect the amount of sales you make when you execute it properly. Most often though, it really is used as a tool to generate more leads, and therefore increases sales.

Telemarketing, Lead GenerationTelemarketing, unfortunately, is likely to fail when you execute it poorly and without alignment in your sales and marketing departments. Your marketers are responsible in finding ways to attract new business, but your sales reps are the people that handle your leads. If your marketers (your telemarketers) aren’t seeing eye-to-eye with your sales reps when it comes to leads, then there’s going to be a problem.

Lead generation through B2B telemarketing is more effective when your sales reps and marketers agree on the type and quality of leads that should be generated. Proper alignment between these two departments can increase your chances of getting good results, as well as affect the number of sale you can possibly make.

Here’s how you can achieve such results for your own campaign:

Have sales and marketing reps meet.

The first step to achieving proper alignment that leads to a successful telemarketing campaign is to have your sales and marketing representatives meet and discuss what each defines as a lead for your business. Sales is charged with handling leads, but marketing is charged with getting more leads. As such, their ideal kind of leads is never the same and can cause problems when leads are handed over to sales.

Ensure that both parties come to an understanding.

Both parties involved in the discussion should be able to understand each other fully after all has been said and done. What would be the point of you making your sales and marketing reps meet if your results wouldn’t even change? As such, you need to make sure that both parties understand each other so that in the end you will actually be seeing different results from your lead generation campaign.

See for yourself the changes in results.

Results won’t change in an instant, but you will see them over time. Aligning your sales and marketing departments’ vision on what kind of leads should be generated though is the first step to a more successful B2B telemarketing campaign.

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