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Appointment Setting Misery – Avoid Getting the Brush Off

appointment settingIf you have ever experienced being the b2b appointment setter for your company, you may have come across getting the brush off from your targeted decision maker. Think about this scenario: You have already gotten a hold of their interests from your initial point of contact, but somehow your target has been avoiding you since then. The only question is, Why?



Now there are a lot of answers that can justify this query. Maybe they have found another company to do business with. Maybe they have travel plans on that day. Maybe they have family matters to attend to.



Nonetheless, it all points down to one ultimate conclusion – For them, your offered products and/or services are far less important than anything else. So what’s going to happen to your b2b lead generation and appointment setting campaign now?


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Common Mistakes from B2B Appointment Setters

appointment settersGetting the aid of third party appointment setting services does not ensure perfect results for your b2b marketing campaign. Appointment setters are people too; thus are not perfect beings. These representatives commit mistakes just like every other person on this planet. However, it is with the existence of these errors that we are able to find new ways to correct them.


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Appointment Setting Lessons: Getting a Hole in One

b2b appointment settingIf you have ever tried playing on a miniature golf course, there goal of the game is to complete a nine hole course with as little strokes as possible. As such, getting a hole in one is a must to beat the score of other players. The good news is we can compare playing on this course to improve our appointment setting practices.


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B2B Sales Leads – Getting More!

b2b sales leads, appointment settingToday’s companies are known to have an insatiable appetite for getting more clients. The first step to generating more sales for their business will always lie upon the acquisition of more b2b sales leads. Having a severe lack of this necessity might put the business into degradation from the viewpoint of their target markets.



People will always have a quality of having to nitpick too much. This is normal as we always want the best value that we can get for our hard-earned cash. Businesses who are planning on starting out a b2b sales lead generation campaign should put this into much consideration. If markets do not find the product and/or service appealing, then they will not have to take a second glance to walk away and look for another company to fill their needs.


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Accounting Lead Generation from B2B Telemarketing Services

If you own an accounting firm (or part of its workforce), then you should know the importance of keeping tabs on generating interests from targeted prospects. The sad reality of most companies within this sector either do not have a marketing staff or has one but does not have sufficient experience in speaking with prospects.


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