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Financial Leads Generation and Branding

financial leads generation, appointment settingI was reading this news article about Allianz Global Corporate Specialty’s new insurance product when a quoted line sort of jumped out at me. The new policy offers assistance to companies in funding their communications costs in times of crises that threaten to undermine their reputation. Apparently, one of the folks behind the offer hinted that “brand strength” is crucial for companies, especially during unfavorable situations. But, crisis or no crisis, branding is something worth taking extreme care of – particularly if you’re engaged in the delicate task of generating targeted qualified financial leads.

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Financial Leads Generation – The Big Factor for Success

financial leadsSubtle differences in brand messages do have obvious effects on the statements being conveyed. This certainly isn’t a new discovery by any stretch of the imagination but, when I came across a news article published on the Stanford Graduate School of Business website (see link below), I just had to rethink my old ideas on this matter. The report references a recent study revealing the impact of using specific personal pronouns on how banking and financial leads respond to brand messages.

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How to Do Lead Generation Appointment Setting for Startups

b2b lead generation and appointment setting servicesStartup companies are known to have a low budget. From spearheading projects down to giving out monthly salaries to employees, such “young” businesses need to put a borderline on the cash that is coming out of their finances. Ultimately, lead generation and appointment setting can become extremely difficult to accomplish.



The main goal for today’s startup companies is for them to secure a suitable number of leads without having to spend too much on the campaign. However, since there are too many things to consider in starting and maintaining the b2b marketing course that these businesses will almost always go over the bar in their financial expenditures.


From hiring business lead generators and sales appointment setters, to purchasing the right technologies to contribute to the campaign’s fruitful completion, to even paying electricity bills for all the tools that will be used during the course of the b2b lead generation and appointment setting campaign.


With all these things to consider, it is no wonder businesses that are still in their early stages will seem to have given up when they haven’t even touched the starting line. In order to get things going with a high chance of success even from the start of the campaign, the aid of professionals are needed.


Outsourcing? Wouldn’t it cost more?


At first glance, getting the aid of seasoned sales and marketing people may be too much. However, their services allow for a more cost efficient b2b marketing campaign; especially when said professionals come in the form of business-to-business cold callers.


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Business call center services provide more than sufficient help in generating quality leads and sales appointments. Furthermore, they do it in order for startup businesses keep their budget within the safe zone. How is this possible? Take a look at the following benefits of outsourcing to third party contact center services:


  • Provide additional resources to companies.


  • Establishment of an effective calling script


  • Usage of a laser-targeted contact database


  • Acquisition of extra help from marketing specialists


  • Near instant procurement for years of experience of touching base with targeted decision makers


There are other features and benefits that can be attained from getting outsourced cold calling services that will make a lead generation and appointment setting campaign a more cost efficient one.


One such low-cost program is the pay per call telemarketing campaign wherein the payment scheme focuses on the number of cold calls to be made rather than outwardly paying for the entirety of the third party services.


For expert lead generation and appointment setting services, it is best to get in touch with a reliable outbound call center firm as early as possible. Even startup companies should take note that they have big (even gigantic) competitions that are ready and waiting to take interested prospects away from their grasp.


For more information on where companies, startup or not, can acquire such services, visit http://www.121durectmarketing.com today.


Four Reasons Your B2B Appointment Setting May Not Work

b2b appointment setting, lead generation, telemarketingB2B marketers talk to their targeted markets all the time and still they wonder why it is so hard to set an appointment. They put out so much effort in trying to get the word across about their business. Every marketer – regardless of what size, or industry they work for – has started this way. There is no easy path towards getting those meetings with qualified leads. In truth, even very successful corporations have sales and marketing people that work their butt off just to succeed at this practice.

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B2B Appointment Setting: Why Should You Outsource? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your b2b marketing practices to third party service providers? Ever experienced getting outside help for your b2b appointment setting campaigns? Did you get good results from it?

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