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Telemarketing Tips – Play With Politics, Prepare To Get Burned

Contrary to the title, this doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely forbidden to put politics in your telemarketing strategy. There’s still room for exceptions and not to mention you always have to think about the context.


What this really means is that just like how fire dancers ‘play’ with fire, you have to be prepared to handle the heat. There are advantages to marketing yourself with the label of a political approval. But unless you’re careful, that label could quickly turn into a target sign on the head of your business.


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Telemarketing In An Age of Advocated Privacy

This has been covered several times in this blog and several others. However, it’s always good to remind ourselves that marketing has really been grappling with the issue of customer privacy. Telemarketing, in particular, gets a sizeable load of flak from both consumers and business owners alike.


In the following, you will find a brief overview of some of the most common complaints faced by B2B telemarketers that have ties to alleged violations of privacy.

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Does Telemarketing Do All The Sales Work?

It’s a common misconception: telemarketing (or any form of lead generation for that matter) does all the work and the salespeople are relegated to the role of a big business cashier.


However, it’s because it’s common that many telemarketing experts tell people why it’s inaccurate. You need to balance between qualifying leads and getting a sale out of them. When you don’t, there’s a tendency for people working on one process to eat up the time of people working on the other.


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Promoting the Funky over the Phone

(Image by Jesterhood)

Just because B2B firms are about big business doesn’t mean there’s no room for funky ideas. Look at what this Japanese PR firm is offering for advertising.


But having a funky idea (or even because of it) can be a hard thing to pitch over the phone. How do you expect business owners to take you seriously? Will the gatekeepers even let you in?


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Has Direct Marketing Gone Indirect And Irrelevant?

LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue says direct marketing ranks high on the endangered species list and well on the way to extinction. But before you take this industry insider’s word, you’ve got to look at other side too.  Yes, direct marketing does have its flaws. But is there really such a thing as a perfect marketing channel? Come on, anyone can easily find a mountain of evidence that shows one approach works (direct marketing included).


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