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What is B2B Marketing through Telemarketing

outbound telemarketingLet me try to keep b2b marketing through telemarketing clear and understandable.  Telemarketing  or telesales in UK is simply the process of generating leads, making sales, or gathering marketing information through the use of telephone. It is more valuable  than personal selling because it saves time and money, but offers closely the same benefits in terms of direct relationship with customers. It may not only mean selling anything, for it could be conducting market research, setting appointments , generating prospects or making a customer follow up call after purchase.   

Telemarketing to discuss further is either inbound or outbound in scope.  Inbound telemarketing refers to the handling of incoming telephone calls.  It means taking customer service and sales calls from customers looking to make contact with the company. The idea of fielding calls from customers that pre-qualify themselves can seem like simple sales work, but the real key is that this type of  telemarketing serves as desk to accomodate all customers’ queries, meet their objections and educate them if necessary.  Telemarketers working in this type of telemarketing program normally do not need as much training as outbound reps because the customer already has shown an interest by calling in.

On the other hand, outbound telemarketing refers to the use of telephone to follow-up on inquiries, to sell products or services, to clarify or upgrade an order, or to gather information about consumers or other aspects of the market. Unlike inbound telemarketing, outbound telemarketing calls work by demanding immediate attention from customers. Representatives working on this side of the industry generally need more training and product knowledge because actual selling often involves more complex tasks. Continue reading

Business Opportunities Can Come from B2B Leads

telemarketing call centerIt’s a fact of business wherein those who grab opportunities (like outsourced telemarketing services) are put on the fast track to success, while those who ignore them are stay where they are on regress. There are a lot of business opportunities around US and there are different companies and organizations looking for third party providers who can offer them product and service they need. When presented with this kind of opportunity, it’s only necessary to grab it. You might not be given another chance that is why you should grab it and connect with these prospects right away. You need to convince them of what you are capable of and how your companies can get mutual gains from each other. Not that simple but you can jump start this with the help of good b2b lead generation campaign. There are contact centers right around the corner to hand you with fresh b2b leads to help you make more sales and close more business deals.

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B2B Lead Generation Tips: A Summary

b2b lead generationFor those who have missed out on our 10 part B2B Lead Generation Tips, worry not as here are the links to all of them.


Outsourcing to Telemarketing Companies for Better Quality Sales Leads

accounting sales leadsNo matter what form of business you are in, opening the lines of communication is an important factor to achieve success. Outsourcing to telemarketing companies can really help you build business presence and gives a platform of the products and services you want to present to your customers.

Taking a leap towards an outsourced service could give your telemarketing campaign a boost. What are the reasons why outsourcing is good for your business?

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Important Things to do For Every Sales Conversation

b2b marketingFor every telesales, or even an appointment setting agent, there would be only one chance to persuade their prospect clients to purchase the products or services that they are offering. This kind of conversation can be very tough for telemarketers. This is because a lot of people tend to distrust telemarketers to such a degree that whenever they talk to telemarketers a wall will be brought up between them and the telesales agent protecting their information. The telemarketing agent would then try to break that wall or leap over its boundaries just to get the customer to trust them.

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