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lead generation, business to business leads

Is It Really Possible to Achieve Productive Lead Generation?

lead generation, business to business leadsMany businesses enact their own lead generation campaigns. Many of these businesses also wonder if is it really possible to achieve a productive campaign. Sometimes, however, people confuse what “productivity” means. Does your lead generation produce leads? If yes, that’s a good thing, but does your campaign produce leads that actually make you money? If no, then productivity is obviously low.

In business, numbers mean something – both big and small figures may mean something good or bad for your company. Numbers actually help you find out whether your lead generation campaign is productive or not. How? Well, just take a look at how many leads you are generating in a month as well as the money you make. After all, you made an investment into your campaign. The question now is that if you are generating a good amount of leads and are getting a positive ROI. Continue reading

lead generation, business to business leads

Nailing your Lead Generation Campaign on the Head

lead generation, business to business leadsWe can look at a marketer as like a carpenter. He has a whole box of tools to use in order to build something with his skills, in this case that being the best lead generation campaign that will work for their business. But as it so happens, even with all the right tools, marketers still find it hard to nail what needs to be done in order to generate more business leads.

Creating good and reliable lead generation tactics is all about knowing exactly which direction to go, much like when you are trying to construct a building – you need to know where you are going with your plans. As such, marketing and lead generation is all about possessing the right knowledge to help create better offers and to help getting in touch with the right customers. Continue reading

Appointment Setting Lessons: Getting a Hole in One

b2b appointment settingIf you have ever tried playing on a miniature golf course, there goal of the game is to complete a nine hole course with as little strokes as possible. As such, getting a hole in one is a must to beat the score of other players. The good news is we can compare playing on this course to improve our appointment setting practices.


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Buying Pre-Qualified Sales Leads: Achieving More Sales

qualified sales leadsHow many days, weeks, or months do your company usually get to close a sale? One Week? A month? Three to six months? Or worse, more than that? This is the general picture when you are starting an in-house lead generation campaign. Know that It takes time before a prospect is classified as qualified and sales-ready. Equally frustrating is that you are getting in touch with some of the wrong ones.

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