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Maximum Lead Generation from Geo-Targeting Markets

During the PwC Financial Services M&A in Asia Survey in 2011, there are 22 emerging opportunities for businesses when targeting locales in Asia alone. This means companies can target certain cities and countries in Asia for maximum profit from their lead generation and appointment setting campaign.



The following infographic shows the probability of success when targeting a specific country for business leads and appointments.


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Four Reasons Your B2B Appointment Setting May Not Work

b2b appointment setting, lead generation, telemarketingB2B marketers talk to their targeted markets all the time and still they wonder why it is so hard to set an appointment. They put out so much effort in trying to get the word across about their business. Every marketer – regardless of what size, or industry they work for – has started this way. There is no easy path towards getting those meetings with qualified leads. In truth, even very successful corporations have sales and marketing people that work their butt off just to succeed at this practice.

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B2B Appointment Setting: Why Should You Outsource? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your b2b marketing practices to third party service providers? Ever experienced getting outside help for your b2b appointment setting campaigns? Did you get good results from it?

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Sales Lead Generation: Getting Through The Turbulence

sales lead generation, appointment settingThink about your business and compare it to an aircraft; if an airplane is not properly tuned and maintained, or if it would experience a lot of turbulence up in the air, it would prove dangerous to its passengers. Worse, it may come crashing down. The airline vehicle would be like your business in a sense that there may come a time that certain scenarios will leave your sales lead generation campaign to become very unstable or it may even come to a screeching halt.

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How to Gain Even More Cash Advance Leads

cash advance leads, appointment setting, lead generationThe reality of the cash advance industry is that not every surviving establishment is a large corporation. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands of companies within the sector that can be classified as SME’s (or Small to Medium Enterprises). So what does this mean? It means that they might not have the necessary manpower nor the right level of expertise to handle their b2b marketing campaigns; especially when it is about generating their business cash advance leads.



The leading average of the number of employees located within the cash advance industry will not exceed fifty. Imagine all of the people working within said company to be swamped with their own work. Therefore, doing extra tasks for lead generation and appointment setting can put them in an outstanding pile of extra work leaving them with more stress than they can possibly imagine. More stress equals less productivity.



The better option for generating more qualified b2b cash advance leads is to outsource to a third party service provider. More specifically speaking, outsourcing to an outbound business call center will be the primary, and probably the best option to deal with lead generation and appointment setting.



Though surrounded by tons of negativity, there are many benefits to getting the aid of a contact firm. The following are some of the more relevant advantages that one can get from their aid: Continue reading

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