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B2B Leads Acquisition from an Angry Bird [part 2]

b2b leadsThis is the second part of the two part series wherein you can learn about b2b leads acquisition through the popular game from Rovio Entertainment entitled Angry Birds. To read part 1, click here.

There were only three types of birds showcased in part 1 that we compared to b2b leads generation. Today, we continue with studying about the rest of the birds for better business-to-business marketing practices.

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B2B Leads Acquisition from an Angry Bird [part 1]

b2b leads

The ever popular video game franchise of Angry Birds (made by Finnish game developer Rovio Entertainment) continues to “WOW!” people through its simplistic yet highly addictive gameplay. The objective of the game is simple: throw birds using a giant slingshot to try and take down the green pigs. Little that people know, we can actually learn a lot of things from flinging these colorful birds, especially when it comes to generating quality b2b leads.  


A lot of us might think that it is just an ordinary game that is meant for us to waste time. However, if you look deep into it, you can actually learn a thing or two about b2b leads acquisition by analyzing how the different birds smashes through obstacles.


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B2B Sales Leads – Getting More!

b2b sales leads, appointment settingToday’s companies are known to have an insatiable appetite for getting more clients. The first step to generating more sales for their business will always lie upon the acquisition of more b2b sales leads. Having a severe lack of this necessity might put the business into degradation from the viewpoint of their target markets.



People will always have a quality of having to nitpick too much. This is normal as we always want the best value that we can get for our hard-earned cash. Businesses who are planning on starting out a b2b sales lead generation campaign should put this into much consideration. If markets do not find the product and/or service appealing, then they will not have to take a second glance to walk away and look for another company to fill their needs.


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B2B Appointment Setting – Eat Right to Feel Good

b2b appointment settingYes you have read the title of this post right – you need to eat right and eat healthy to get more out of your b2b appointment setting campaign. Well, there is actually no relation whatsoever of eating and b2b marketing campaigns (unless you are running a business within the food industry). However, you can learn a lot from the subject of intaking the right kind of food and business-to-business marketing practices.



Think about it, what you put into your body will give you a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, you prefer a habit wherein you feel satisfied now and pay for it dearly later. As with b2b lead generation and appointment setting, you need to take in the right tools and the right employees to do the job.

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How to Build Power to Lead Generation Appointment Setting

lead generation appointment settingOftentimes you will hear fitness experts saying you should “build power” into your workout. This means you should step out of your comfort zone and strive harder to get better results from your exercise routines. The good thing about trying to get more from your calisthenics or weight training activity is you can equate some of the things you do into your business lead generation and appointment setting campaign.



No, you are not going to lift dumbbells in front of your prospects. What you are going to do is learn from the things pertaining to your workout regimen and implement them towards your b2b marketing campaign.


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