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Commercial Cleaning Leads – Pay per Call or Pay per Appointment?

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There is no single path to success especially if it is for commercial cleaning leads generation. The cleaning industry may not be the largest among the many business sectors known to man, but that does not exclude them from letting them take advantage of a profitable method for spreading and promoting their brand name.

In terms of b2b lead generation and appointment setting outsourcedtelemarketing, there are two methods available for commercial cleaning companies to get more business leads and sales appointments: (1) pay per call, and (2) pay per appointment. Both are cost efficient and cost effective methods that many will agree to have brought them qualified leads and meaningful business meetings.

Though quite advantageous, it can bring commercial cleaning companies at a disadvantage if they acquire both telemarketing programs. As such, let us weigh our options for us to choose which of the two is the better choice.


The Pay per Call Structure of B2B Lead Generation

pay per call, b2b lead generation, appointment settingThe pay per call scheme of b2b lead generation is fairly new in today’s business-to-business marketing. There are many pre-existing b2b marketing structures that many businesspeople have already come to know and love. There’s direct mail, mass media, cold calling, and outsourced call center programs like pay per lead and pay per appointment.

One cannot say that there is a best form of b2b lead generation and appointment setting as there is always a number of factors involved. Such factors may be known to businesspeople which can readily be fixed. However, there will always be those hidden things and events that seem to pop-up out of nowhere and hinder the whole marketing operation to achieving a profitable outcome.

Because of these hidden events, companies from the different sectors encompassing today’s business world are looking for a more cost effective solution for generating targeted sales leads all the while letting them have the advantage of shelling out less of their hard earned cash.

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Pay per Call Appointment Setting for Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning leads, pay per call, appointment settingThere are large corporations, massive enterprises, and huge companies that seem to get away with b2b lead generation and appointment setting. Sadly, the commercial cleaning industry has been found to mostly contain only small to medium sized businesses. Therefore, competing for sales and marketing with other firms within the sector has been deemed to be one of the fiercest in today’s business era.

Every commercial cleaning firm within the nation needs more business leads to fund their various projects and, of course, to keep their business up and running. However, with all the competition that has been going on recently, quality commercial cleaning leads are very hard to come by.

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The Pay per Call Design of B2B Telemarketing

pay per call, b2b telemarketing, business leadsBusiness-to-business or B2B telemarketing is a continuously evolving module for generating quality sales leads. Companies from different industries use this marketing module in order to gain access and touch base with their targeted decision makers.

Today, there are a lot of programs that have risen from the ground to support many b2b telemarketing campaigns. For instance, pay per lead and pay per appointment has been used by many companies in various industries in order to promote their brand name. This has proven businessmen and women time and time again that it is not a pricey option to gain more qualified business leads.

Though a viable option, pay per lead still has its disadvantages; both for the business call center and for the company that has acquired such cold calling services. The main reason why this telemarketing program has been brought up is because it can ‘guarantee’ clients with lead generation appointment setting telemarketing. Their ‘guarantee’ promises call center clients to have the number of leads they have ordered.

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Pay per Call Versus Traditional B2B Lead Generation

pay per call, b2b lead generation, call center servicesThere is an evolution to gaining more cost efficient leads for businesses which is call the pay per call telemarketing method. This telemarketing program allows for a more low-cost means of gaining quality business leads and sales appointments for businesses, companies, enterprises, and corporations that are on the lookout for new clientèle.

However, just like other b2b lead generation methods, this new method is being compared to more traditional means. The population is divided between likes and dislikes from various industries on whether or not they should pursue outsourced call center services; low-cost or not.

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