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Targeted Sales Leads – The Possible Answer to the Internet Hive Mind

It’s easy to think that a lot of today’s marketing is now happening online. That’s not just because of all the online ads you see or the prevalence of mobile apps. Generating targeted sales leads in the B2B market requires you to use more and more online resources as well. You blog to increase thought leadership. You use data in order to optimize your content. It’s even possible that you’re using cloud-based technologies as part of your CRM process!


Upon closer inspection though, the differences between some tactics of consumer and big business marketing could indicate something bigger: an answer to the growing internet hive mind.


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How Direct Marketing Creates Direct Results

It’s hard to ignore the trend of marketing less directly through the use of referrals, websites, and other forms that don’t rely heavily on a one-on-one conversation with people in your target market. This trend is also being felt even within the longer sales process of B2B industries. Business owners would rather google a provider for any process or product they need rather than learn about from someone who suddenly calls out of nowhere with an offer.


Granted, there are advantages such as giving more power to the prospect and setting your focus squarely on their experience, not acting on any presumptions.


But when you are just waiting around for your target market to do all the talking, there also lies one, significant disadvantage: your results are indirect and thus, harder to measure.


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Has Direct Marketing Gone Indirect And Irrelevant?

LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue says direct marketing ranks high on the endangered species list and well on the way to extinction. But before you take this industry insider’s word, you’ve got to look at other side too.  Yes, direct marketing does have its flaws. But is there really such a thing as a perfect marketing channel? Come on, anyone can easily find a mountain of evidence that shows one approach works (direct marketing included).


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