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4 Expert Tips on Having Great Phone Conversations with Financial Leads

Prospecting in the financial services industry can be a lot like dating. When prospects play ‘hard-to-get’, your only chance at taking the relationship any further is to keep on communicating. And what better way to do this than through well-placed phone conversations? Today’s post is all about ideas on having phone-based interactions that move prospects along their buying journey.


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Telemarketing New Financial Services – Ask For A Chance

Telemarketing is one of the few choices left for small, young financial businesses and professionals who have yet to make their way into the business world. But no matter how young, you can start maturing your practice by anticipating the challenge that every new business face: lack of experience. Fortunately, it can be through cost-effective methods such as telemarketing and email that you can ask people to give you a chance.

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Financial Leads Generation and Branding

financial leads generation, appointment settingI was reading this news article about Allianz Global Corporate Specialty’s new insurance product when a quoted line sort of jumped out at me. The new policy offers assistance to companies in funding their communications costs in times of crises that threaten to undermine their reputation. Apparently, one of the folks behind the offer hinted that “brand strength” is crucial for companies, especially during unfavorable situations. But, crisis or no crisis, branding is something worth taking extreme care of – particularly if you’re engaged in the delicate task of generating targeted qualified financial leads.

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Financial Leads Generation – The Big Factor for Success

financial leadsSubtle differences in brand messages do have obvious effects on the statements being conveyed. This certainly isn’t a new discovery by any stretch of the imagination but, when I came across a news article published on the Stanford Graduate School of Business website (see link below), I just had to rethink my old ideas on this matter. The report references a recent study revealing the impact of using specific personal pronouns on how banking and financial leads respond to brand messages.

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5 Successful Practices for Cold Calling

cold calling

Ever experienced cold calling in hopes of trying to sell, or just advertise your business? Whether it’s forgenerating financial leads, giving out phone surveys, or just for market research, calling complete strangers leave amateur marketers quaking in fear of picking up that handset.


Fear can come in many forms even in marketing. It can be transmitted from your end into your prospect’s end. They can and will sense your fear through your voice and how you handle their questions. Any slight notice of fear will let them come to the conclusion that you or your company is not capable of giving them a solution to their needs. Continue reading

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