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Qualified IT Leads – Needing Both Budget And Payment

Knowing the budget of a prospect while qualifying your leads for IT products is a given. However, there is more to it than just knowing that a prospect can afford working with you. You should also consider how that budget is the result of how they intend to pay for your services. Neglecting otherwise could mean your leads would result in deals not worth making (at least not right away).


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IT Lead Generation Means Know ‘Fix’ From ‘Improve’

It sounds like an easy tip that you might wonder if this is about lead generation or just basic vocabulary. However, the concept of fixing something and improving something are both heavily used in marketing. They also get a little more complex. Take IT lead generation for example. Do you know how important it is to recognize a customer’s need to just fix and a desire to improve their IT set up?


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IT Lead Generation Tips – Asking Information Is Always Good

The process of IT lead generation is the process of asking for information. These days, many are saying information is more widely available than before. That though, has spawned a new fear that it has become too available. People have grown wary of those who ask for it, including decision makers. Will this hesitation spell the end for information technology and lead generation as well?


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Outsourced IT Telemarketing – Look For Additional Functions

Outsourcing your telemarketing services can be like looking for many of today’s laptops or smart phones. They all seem to have so many different functions so it makes sense that a telemarketing company that has multiple functions would be good too. More importantly though, it has to have the functions that matter and should make you realize that there is more to finding one than just measuring how many agents are on the phone.


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Using Lead Generation Against Someone Better Than You

Ideally you want your IT lead generation campaign to at least put you on even footing with your competitors. But in industries like business software, it seems like the competition has already been settled. What hope does your lead generation campaign have when clearly you are pitted against a company, that is bigger, larger, and just have better products than you?


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