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Unplug IT Lead Generation?

For at least some IT companies, online lead generation seems to be the default method of getting in touch with prospects, sharing expertise, and even closing deals. However, have you ever thought applying the need to unplug to your lead generation campaign? Before you assume that sounds counter-productive, this is not about going full Amish with marketing (much less with an IT company).


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Will IT Telemarketing Be Your Start-Up IT Firm’s Game Changer?

As a start-up IT company, one of your priorities is to increase revenue. The only way that’s going to happen is for you to find new customers. However, it is never easy to find business prospects that would love to employ the services of your IT firm. Due to the desire to obtain more leads, some IT companies choose to make use of IT telemarketing as part of their lead generation and marketing strategies.


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IT Telemarketing Services: Achieve Success Through Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

B2B TelemarketingHello. My name is…” is an opening line that you may have heard on the phone before. And as you may have already assumed, yes, it is a telemarketer who is on the other line. Maybe the call is in regards to a business deal, or maybe they are trying to sell the products and services of their respective firm. With the way that telemarketers use their words, they can draw people in and make them see the true worth of what they are selling. With this, even an IT firm can hope to achieve more sales with the help of skilled telemarketers in marketing their IT products and services. Why, even big IT companies in the industry still use telemarketing as a means of client creation and business development. 


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