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Underscoring Outsourced Lead Generation Is A Basic Business Tactic

You might think outsourcing’s a dirty word but if you’re not aware of when you’ll finally find yourself in need of it, you’ll be making a very serious yet very avoidable business mistake.


As a matter of fact, outsourced lead generation can be a particular example of how the decision is really a basic tactic that needs to be taken seriously, not squeamishly.


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Outsourced Lead Generation Won’t Fix Generational Problems

There are plenty of good reasons to outsource. Trying to escape the clutches of the millennial ‘invasion’ isn’t one of them. Neither will it automatically deal with its impact on changing market demands and readjust your lead generation campaign to a whole generation in the work force.


You'll need more than that sir.

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Outsourced Lead Generation – It’s Hardly Political

It seems like for a lot of people, the only time they ever hear about outsourcing is when it’s the topic of a political debate. This, however, is just one of the reasons why so many misconceptions about outsourcing still exist.

Take outsourced lead generation for example. Like many hot-button topics, the truth is found in the middle ground of two unrealistic extremes. One of them is the idea that outsourcing is an executive/manager’s ticket from doing any real work and the other is that the tasks being outsourced can be so simple, they don’t really need any serious in-house investment.


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B2B Marketing Tips – Animal Oracles and Marketing ‘Ripoffs’

Ripping off another product may be a crime but can the same be really said about B2B marketing tactics? If one’s to look at FIFA’s sudden outcrop of animal oracles, the answer might be no.


The next question is how can marketers deal with this?


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Outsourced Lead Generation – Independence and Responsibility

The 4th July weekend celebrates all things American. But among those things, one that stands out is the idea of independence. People associate a lot of American things to independence, whether it’s the kid going to college or the same kid finally getting a job right after.


But in terms of outsourcing the B2B lead generation process, independence can mean taking it all back and finally getting to do the whole thing yourself. That’s not really a bad thing (especially when your provider still has dozens of other clients). The real challenge though lies in your own company. Are you truly prepared to this on your own? Ask yourself the following questions:


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