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A Few Holiday Reminders For B2B Email Marketing

It’s the holiday season and with everyone packing their schedules (and their bags) for vacation, you need to start marketing to prospects in advance. A campaign that starts early can end early, leaving everyone with enough peace of mind until they hit their desks again next year.


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Can Telemarketing Fix the Gmail Tab?

Using telemarketing to supplement email marketing isn’t unheard of. What might be a little more unheard of is the challenges being posed by Gmail’s new tabs. Have these new developments impacted the success of combining the two lead generation channels?


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Telemarketing Tips – Targeting Multiplies Value

In business, it’s often a common mistake to think that the raw value of any business is ultimately what wins competition. If your product is just that good, nothing else really matters. Not marketing, not sales, not financial management etc.


Obviously if you go any further, even a startup rookie’s going to find the idea stupid. Still, this misconception manages to slip through professionals’ minds in more subtle ways. In the end, even if they invest in, say, marketing, they still end up on just the product alone to make a sale.


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Fuel Your Inside Sales Campaign With Targeted Sales Leads

targeted sales leads, lead generation, inside sales, qualified business leads, telemarketingIf you have your own inside sales team, you are going to need to make sure that your team always has a list of people to call. Inside sales involves heavy use of the phone either for cold calling or B2B telemarketing purposes, as such it is important that your team always have qualified business leads. However, if you are looking for better results, you should have targeted sales leads instead.

In doing B2B marketing, attraction can be a wondrous thing. Prospects that are attracted to your company are more likely to buy from you, thus they are the best leads you could ask for. The problem is that it is difficult to attract your target customers to your company, especially when you market to a similar industry as your competitors. Continue reading

targeted sales leads, lead generation, business sales leads

Surgical Strikes with Targeted Business Sales Leads

targeted sales leads, lead generation, business sales leadsIn the military, the term surgical strike refers to an attack which results in only dealing damage to the legitimate military target. This is achieved by months of much strategic planning to make sure that only the intended target is damaged and collateral damage be brought down to a bare minimum, or have none at all. In marketing, we can say that we can achieve surgical strikes when we make use of targeted business sales leads.

Marketing should be strategic as to make sure that our marketing messages hit their intended targets, much like when executing a surgical strike. However, such “attacks” are difficult to execute when your leads don’t help you identify who your targets should be. In the end, launching a strategic marketing strategy all falls down to the type of leads your lead generation campaign gets you. Continue reading

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