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Two Halloween Tactics for Telemarketing

What does telemarketing have in common with wearing costumes? Better yet, what does it have in common wearing costumes that aren’t the typical set of vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein freaks?

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Do Mobile Apps Appeal to a B2B Audience?

The rapid change of marketing is growing at a rate that cannot be ignored. In recent years, the general public has embraced the use of text messaging. In the advent of technology and internet, phones that were once used for simply texting and calling has now become a new window of communication and marketing.


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Humanity: Telemarketing’s Last Stand?

Before, marketing (in both B2B and B2C) made prospect engagement pretty simple. You get as many people as interested as possible and then you move in for the sale.


It’s no surprise that classical cold calling strategies and advertising was so commonplace that they became the face of the industry.


Yet today, that era was swiftly put to end as communication grew more advanced and computerized. But as technology continues to automate marketing, is its increasing need for live engagement the only chance telemarketers have to stay relevant?


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Telemarketers – Dealing with What They Get

As more people favor digital marketing channels, it’s not surprising that many B2B organizations are increasingly hesitant to use older methods like cold calling.


The practice itself is in need of serious refinement. There’s no arguing that nobody likes unwarranted calls. That’s why those who continue to use telemarketing have found ways to use other channels (like social media, email, live events etc) in order to generate permission.


But setting that aside, that still doesn’t get rid of the stereotypes and running gags surrounding the telemarketing industry. How do telemarketers handle hearing these things every day?


4 Signs When Getting Past Gatekeepers Isn’t Worth It

It’s time to rewrite the meaning of ‘gatekeeper’. Gatekeepers are no longer just the typical trusty office assistants telemarketers have been grappling with since the 60s. Folks much higher on the corporate ladder have now become gatekeepers in their own right — even decision makers themselves. That can only mean one thing: you need a new bag of tricks.

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