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Do Not Call – One Law, So Many Rules?

Whether you work in the telemarketing industry or just use it for your own business, DNC lists can feel like Kryptonite. That’s not surprising given how first-timers don’t even take off any more because they don’t want to violate that one, single law.


So just what is it about this one law that trips them up? Is it because they presume it comes with so many rules?


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How to Power Up Energy Procurement Lead Generation Campaigns

energy lead generation, appointment settingWhen you think of the word ‘power up,’ one of the first things that may pop-up in your mind is energy. Simply put, you put energy to put power into something, or even to yourself. To put this topic in a business’ point of view, how can we boost the the ability of an energy lead generation campaign for it to provide a profitable conclusion?


Energy lead generation and appointment setting, just like any other b2b marketing campaign, has to be done with the right set of requirements and qualifications. Otherwise, goals for setting up the marketing course will not be met.

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Lead Generation Appointment Setting: Building Good Reputation

lead generation appointment settingGetting prospects interested about your products and services takes a good amount of effort from the start of your marketing campaign. Lead generation and appointment setting will be useless if proper lead management is not practiced. B2B marketers should always exercise potential client nurturing to avail of the most profitable conclusions that can be produced from their marketing course.

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Financial Leads Generation and Branding

financial leads generation, appointment settingI was reading this news article about Allianz Global Corporate Specialty’s new insurance product when a quoted line sort of jumped out at me. The new policy offers assistance to companies in funding their communications costs in times of crises that threaten to undermine their reputation. Apparently, one of the folks behind the offer hinted that “brand strength” is crucial for companies, especially during unfavorable situations. But, crisis or no crisis, branding is something worth taking extreme care of – particularly if you’re engaged in the delicate task of generating targeted qualified financial leads.

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Financial Leads Generation – The Big Factor for Success

financial leadsSubtle differences in brand messages do have obvious effects on the statements being conveyed. This certainly isn’t a new discovery by any stretch of the imagination but, when I came across a news article published on the Stanford Graduate School of Business website (see link below), I just had to rethink my old ideas on this matter. The report references a recent study revealing the impact of using specific personal pronouns on how banking and financial leads respond to brand messages.

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