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Sales and Telemarketing, Combat and Propaganda

Pardon the crazed title but logically speaking, there’s really a parallel between the two halves of the B2B sales process and the two halves often featured prominently during wartime: combat and propaganda. Salespeople are more likely classified as combatants seeing as they’re the ones on the front lines, asking prospects direct questions and getting involved at the heart of prospect problems. Lead generators use tools like telemarketing more along the lines of swaying and shaping minds, much like the propaganda at the time.


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Telemarketing Tips – Use Lazy Days to Improve Productive Ones

It’s summer in a lot of parts in the world. And with summer comes the lazy days it’s filled up with. But while days like that can just mean boredom for teens, tweens, and toddlers, it can mean bad news for productive telemarketing. You’ve got calls to make and appointments to set. You can’t just stop just because you don’t feel like it right?


Actually, it’s possible to go with the flow of a lazy day and come out even more productive in days after! This applies whether you just don’t feel like picking up the phone or don’t want to pressure outsourced telemarketers to give you more summer appointments.


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Achieve Success at Lead Generation Without Spending Too Much

Low cost lead generation services

Getting a success out of lead generation is one of the most difficult things to achieve, even if the entire campaign is outsourced. It does not mean that outsourcing to a professional telemarketing crew guarantees the success of your marketing course. There are still too many risks involved; so the best option would be to outsource to telemarketing lead generation service that is not too heavy on your wallet. There are a number of low-cost telemarketing programs out there in existence; but the question is, which of these is the best?


The best action to take for your outsourced lead generation campaign is for you to opt for the pay per call telemarketing program. The scheme entitles you and your organization to gain quality leads and appointments without the hazard of spending too much of your business’ budget.

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