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How to do Twitter Marketing Effectively

b2b lead generation using TwitterWhen Twitter came along a few years back, people did not seem to mind it much. People only thought of it as a tool used to share thoughts, sayings, funny stuff, and whatnot in 140 characters or less. However, what only a small number of people then knew is that it is a great way to market their products and/or services. The online social community then grew into a very large website with millions upon millions of users everyday; many of which are businessmen trying to marketing their goods.

Here are some effective ways to do Twitter marketing:

  • Use hash tags

    Hash tags are Twitter’s own brand of tags. What you do is put a pound sign (#) right before your keyword. (e.g. #leadgeneration, #marketing)

  • Follow, follow, follow

    Many people follow back if you follow them. If you get more followers, the more likely to be viewed and even followed by more people.

  • Post more, a lot more

    Twitter is more about posting stuff. So always advertise your business (in 140 characters or less). When posting, always use those hash tags to get your word across to advertise your business.

The good thing about Twitter is that it can be combined to other marketing methods. For instance, a good marketing partner for this procedure is to outsource to lead generation companies, more specifically those that handle lead generation telemarketing. Getting lead generation services allows for a faster approach to getting your b2b leads, thus letting you achieve a faster way increase your ROI.

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