Targeted B2B Lead Generation Services Create Your Own World

You’ve probably seen this saying floating around the internet:


I live in my own little world, but it’s okay. They know me here.”


Occasionally this pops out on self-motivational sites or shared by the people who take pride in their own weirdness. But touchy as it is, you can actually apply this concept when targeting with your B2B lead generation services.


Are you tired of hearing people say you’re just hawking products/services they don’t need? It just goes to show that targeting is in fact a two-way street. It’s not just the disenchanted prospects and customers tired of all the marketing. Marketers are tired of facing the wrong audience too.


If that weren’t the case, then why are major tech companies like Facebook banking so much on targeting in their own marketing products?


From the prospect perspective, targeted marketing actually offers them a chance to live in their own little world (whether they know it or not). They’ll only get the content that they’d like to read/listen/watch. They get to choose what gets their interest and what really gets them buying. This isn’t just for ads. In the B2B context, excellent targeting means content that is only directly related to a prospect’s job, their industry, and keeps them focused on the work at hand.


Now take that and see it from the perspective of the one doing the marketing:


  • Your message gets heard often – Targeting requires understanding what people want to hear. The only real difference between you and your targets is that you’re the one doing the delivery. Oftentimes B2B lead generation campaigns are stuck right at the beginning when marketers pitch the wrong person or organization. If you knew what they wanted to hear then how could you still have this problem?


  • You work best with the resulting clients – A prospect that is eager and open for your solution/services/products is easier to work with. It’s simple logic really.  Why would you want the world surrounding your business to include customers who are unhappy, unsatisfied, or undesirable? Targeting saves you the drama of dealing with difficult prospects and keeps your resources spent only on the ones who are worth serving.


  • You explore only if it’s in your business’ best interest – Even the act of finding new markets, retargeting, or discovering niches is still driven by the simple desire to create more of what you already want. And what do you want? You want clients/prospects who hear you openly and make for excellent clients. Targeting keeps you focused on finding that even in industries that seem closed off to any possible need for your company.


You might think some prospects are stubborn for not taking interest in your business and dub them close-minded. Other times you might think they’re fickle, never really clear about what they want.


But while they live in their own world, you kind of live in yours as well. Your targeted lead generation services give you just as much right to be picky with your prospects as prospects are picky about who they want to hear or pay.


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