Telemarketing – Making Do With What You Got

If people think that telemarketing is a last-resort tactic, well they have a bad tendency to forget the ‘resort’ part. Just because something is the last you would do, does not mean you actually will not do it. In fact, you stand to lose more pride from stubbornly refusing to use the last option (telemarketing or otherwise). It wastes time and denies the only thing left that could save your lead generation campaign.


Do The Best With What Is Last, Even If It Is Telemarketing


Telemarketing, Telemarketing Services, Sales LeadsSome telemarketing experts would think that the practice deserves better treatment than getting placed as the last resort. Still, that only means there is a good reason to use it right. Besides, commercial cleaning companies are not exactly strangers to last-resort situations. You can prepare with the best but it is usually when you fail with the last that all hope truly is lost.


And again, this goes for everything, not just telemarketing for cleaning leads. To avoid messing up your last chance, prepare yourself with the following:


  • Make sure it is, in fact, your last resort – See, when you tell a prospect that a telemarketing was your only means of reaching them, it might be a little awkward if they point out there was something else they could have used. If you are going to organize your methods from first to last, at least have process of elimination that is sharp to spot their limitations. Not all prospects can be contacted the same way after all.


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  • Find ways to open new channels – If you really do not like telemarketing that long (or your prospect does not), you should try to find another channel through which you can communicate. This actually goes both ways. If you are getting tired of just using telemarketing and feel that you have dulled your edge, then open yourself to new channels.


  • Outsource if you really want to be safe – Sometimes you just feel like your last resort is really just no better than having no final back up plan at all. When your confidence in your own calling skill is that low, you can outsource other telemarketing services just to be safe. Perhaps it may have been just high time you realized your business still cannot do everything by itself.


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While there are good reasons to consider telemarketing as more than a last resort, you might as well get it right if it is that way to you. Your qualified sales leads can still be acquired!

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