Telemarketing Is But One Tool For Sharing Your Biggest Value

It’s almost a cliché but there is truth to it. Companies don’t really sell anything but ideas. Everything they create, from products and services to sales and marketing campaigns, is born from an idea.


And what’s the best way to pass an idea? Communication.


Hence, whether you favor telemarketing or not, the idea driving your business is your biggest value. You need to share that idea, one way or another.


You’ll find the same point expressed in a SalesWorks guest post by Amar Sheth. How do you expect products to succeed when there’s really no fundamental idea driving behind them? What are you even making deals for? What are your B2B prospects and customers getting for it?


Is it the products or is it the idea that these same products can make for a better, more successful work life?


Communication isn’t essentially just about the words. It’s about how those words affect a prospect’s understanding of your company’s idea. Obstacles to this sort of clarity exist in all kinds of communication, not just telemarketing. It’s not about:


  • Controversy – There’s already plenty of controversy for each form of B2B marketing. Email has spam. Web banners have scams as well. The more you try and dig the dirt on every method, the more you’ll just risk growing cynical since none feel so ‘clean.’ Why should the mistakes of past marketers keep from trying to send your own message? Do you avoid mailing packages because of letter bomb terrorists?


  • Cost – Cost isn’t limited to how much you’ll be paying for infrastructure or even how much you’ll being paying an outsourced company. Obviously, factors like ROI and additional investments like time and collaboration have to be considered. Don’t let price stop you when the reward of communicating your idea perfectly can be worth a whole lot more.


  • Efficiency – Like cost, efficiency isn’t just about the numbers credited to a particular method. It’s about accountability behind those numbers. What exactly led to, say, your poorer sales results? Did you really have a bad presentation or was there just not enough lead nurturing before the appointment? Efficiency is determined by more than just what’s used and even how it’s used. It’s the activities that came before and after it.


Obstacles to communication exist in different forms but they all have the same effect, the failure of prospects and customers to understand your greatest asset: your business idea. No matter what method you use, your main objective should always be to communicate it.

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