Telemarketing Tips – Being Ready Isn’t Enough

How do you define ‘ready’ in terms of a B2B telemarketing campaign? Do you consider yourself ready when you’ve got a target market? Or is it after spending months of pre-campaign research? Do you consider yourself ready when you’re fully rehearsed a script or should you memorize the campaign’s entire M.O. by heart?


One thing’s for sure though: Being ready isn’t enough.


"Are ya reeaaaady?"

Granted, having stock knowledge beforehand helps. Learning about other people’s cold calling experience also adds more perspective. But ultimately, you need to stop being ready and remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place. Why?


  • You’ve got a lot of steps ahead of you – Did you know that creating personas is just the first step to customer profiling? Don’t forget all the other steps right after it. Set a limit to how many you’ll make and try to move on to the next phase as soon as possible.


  • Your competitors certainly aren’t waiting – You don’t have the luxury of waiting until your competitors beat you to your sales leads. While you’re training your reps, they could be just outsourcing theirs and gaining a higher score in sales. That is hardly cheating. That’s a solid business tactic against those who spend too much time preparing instead of closing. Don’t let the latter be you.


  • You can’t memorize everythingCall scripts are guidelines, not robo-calls on paper. If you already know that much, then why are you still wasting time getting telemarketers to digest every word? Get to the telemarketing part already! Trying to memorize everything takes far more effort than basically understanding your own questions!


  • Your prospects aren’t waiting for a solution – If you’re jealous of an inbound marketer, don’t presume they’re just getting prospects handed over to them. Their secret lies in knowing that prospects aren’t waiting for a solution. They’re actively searching for one and they know how to plant signs that point them in their direction. Hence, the only way to challenge that is to put yourself out there too, directly or otherwise!


Preparation isn’t the whole of the telemarketing process, no matter what percentage of the whole process it takes up. The only way you’re going to know if you were ready is when you all start picking up the phones and start calling!

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